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Theater Review (LA): ‘Game of Thrones: The Musical’ – All Men Must Laugh

There is balance in the universe. All the tears, disappointment, and tragedy you experience watching HBO’s Game of Thrones can be offset by enjoying the MACHA Theater production of Game of Thrones – the Musical. Not only did I laugh, but for the two hours of this musical romp, a happy smile never left my face. The venue, the music, and the humor all add up to a fun and memorable evening.

‘Three Days of Terror: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks’ Debuts on HBO

I have been moved, inspired, and touched by documentaries before. “Three Days of Terror: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks” is the first documentary ever to bring me to tears

Produced By Conference: Big Names, Small Budget

(Originally published on The success of an independent film can often depend on getting a “name star” to sign on to the project. The “Big Names, Small Budgets” seminar, presented by SAG and SAGIndie at this past weekend’s “Produced By Conference” (PBC), focused on how to accomplish that. The PBC, presented by the Producers Guild […]

LA Comedy Shorts Festival: If You Want it Done Write…

(Originally published on You guessed it…then you gotta do it yourself. That was the advice from show creators and writer-producers at this year’s LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival at the Downtown Independent Theater. The “write-it-yourself” panel consisted of Kevin Shinick (writer/creator/producer of Cartoon Network’s Mad and writer/creative director of Robot Chicken), Phoef Sutton (writer/exec producer of Cheers, writer/producer Boston Legal), and […]

Creative Alchemy: What Does a Producer Add?

(Originally published on At this month’s Producers Guild of America “Produced By Conference”, a distinguished group of filmmakers tackled the question “Do producers bring anything to the creative process?” Maybe it doesn’t apply to every producer, but these gentlemen bring a lot. David Pickler, former CEO or United Artists and producer of Lenny, The Man with […]

Producers Guild Sits Down to Business – and Breakfast and Martinis

(Originally published on Action! Wait… nothing’s happening? Why isn’t a movie being made right now? Because a director isn’t enough. We need actors, crew members, lights, cameras, a location, props, costumes, technology services, sound systems, catering, insurance, doctors, accountants, tax breaks, furniture and, God help us, lawyers. We need the work of a producer. […]

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