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Anthem Film Festival: Lenny Bruce, Gilbert Gottfried, and Penn Jillette vs. The Outrage Mob

In the 1960s, cops arrested Lenny Bruce for word crimes, but today the policed have become the police.

Anthem Film Fest: Help Me, Obi Penn Jillette – You’re My Only Hope

Producer Ted Balaker said, “There has always been outrage, but now with technology, we can supercharge outrage.”

Film Distribution Workshop with Gravitas

Melanie Miller is responsible for distributing 500 films per year, reaching 100 million homes in North America.

Academy Award Winner Dan Lindsay Shares His Story

Undefeated takes viewers on a journey with the 2009 Manassas High School Tigers football team from North Memphis, Tennessee, as they struggle to win the first playoff game in the school’s 110 year existence.

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