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Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge: The Fifteen Dollar Film School

(First published on The Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge, now in its second year, brings a new twist to film contests. You not only have to make a film in two weeks, you also must collaborate on another filmmaker’s project. Both of you have to succeed, or neither one qualifies for the prize competition. For actors and technical crew, it […]

NAB Show: A Newbie Diary

(First published on The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, held April 6-11 in Las Vegas, claims to be the world’s largest electronic media show covering entertainment production and delivery across all mediums. This was my first visit to this media-culture Mecca, along with more than 90,000 attendees from 151 countries. The NAB Show totally […]

LA Comedy Shorts: Famous People Talking About Stuff

(First published on “Famous People talking about S&%!” (I don’t know why they insist on spelling “stuff” like that) is perennially one of the most popular panels at the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival. That’s probably because of the life changing profundities and insightful observations by the panelists; or, maybe because the panelists are famous. This year’s […]

LA Comedy Shorts: Take My Shorts…Please

(First published on The fifth year of the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival (LACSF) (no, I don’t know what happened to the second “F”) opened at the Downtown Independent on April 4, with this year’s theme “Get Lucky” – and I did. So did everyone else who attended. Once again, as in 2010 and 2011, they excreted my expectations. (Excreted, ewww.) […]

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