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Indie Film and Dead Cats

(Originally published on Ailuromortuusphilia [ahy-loo r-uh-mor-toos-fil-ee-uh] noun a liking for dead cats, as by indie film directors. While viewing a preview of Kill List (unrated, directed by Ben Wheatley), I realized my place in psycho-babble science had been secured: I had discovered ailuromortuusphilia. Or, in short, why do indie film makers love dead cats? In Kill List, which I’m sure will […]

‘Runaway Slave’ – 2012 Style

(Originally published on Pastor C.L. Bryant got in big trouble. His church fired him as pastor. The NAACP stripped him of his position as Chapter President. Did he steal funds? Engage in immoral behavior? Run naked down Main Street? Worse! He joined the Tea Party. His story is told in the new film “Runaway Slave”, directed by Pritchett […]

Fools on the Hill

(Originally published on “Finally, something liberals and conservatives can agree on.” No such thing, you might be thinking, especially in the current hyper-volatile pre-election atmosphere. You might be even more skeptical when you find out this claim comes from a Hollywood script entrepreneur. But you’d be wrong. My initial contact with Jerrol LeBaron was […]

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